Designs and manufactures America's finest private label beard care and perfumes for exclusive barber shops in the U.S.

Engineered in Germany.

Made in the USA.

With over 25 years of experience in cosmetics sales and 7 years of know-how in product development and process engineering in Germany, we have specialized in the development and manufacture of exclusive beard care products and perfumes with private labeling in the United States — Felix and Jörg, founders.

All products with your logo and custom label.

With own products, you support your image as an exclusive barber shop, there are no more price wars and the relationship with your customers grows, because product and customer loyalty to own brands is great. For your customers it means: one more reason to visit your barber shop.

Exclusive label materials and flacons.

Highest demands on raw materials and product quality.

First-class raw materials, our basis for quality and functionality. We use ingredients that make sense, are compelling, and combine to create an excellent product experience.

Excellent and unique fragrances.

Fragrance is the central element to emphasize the characteristics of our products, to inspire the consumer and to sustainably increase the attractiveness of our products. Whether modular or creative, classic or modern, we always have the right solution ready in our portfolio. For this claim we offer five excellent fragrances.

Family business with own development and manufacture.

Individual and personal advice.